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10% discount from all pricelist*

Our motto is “Quality, service and cleanliness.” We offer delicious burgers and salads in a clean and friendly environment. We are pleased to meet with friends or just have a cup of coffee.

Hesburger use environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Why Hesburger?
Some people love the fries, and the other – a salad with shrimp and tuna. Each week Hesburger restaurants visited by more than half a million customers, and they are all in our range finds yourself something tasty.

Hesburger restaurants currently operating in six countries:
• In Finland, about 278 Hesburger restaurants;
• The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are 108 restaurants;
• 12 restaurants in Russia;
• In Germany, 4 restaurants.

*discount is not applied to campaign products, BonusCard offers, children meal toys

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