Dovanų Šalis

10 % discount on all items (except partners gift coupons).

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Dovanų Šalis – it‘s a shop for people, who like to stand out and delight other in non-traditionaly way. From wide range of products you can choose a present for mom, dad, best friend or even your boss. In our shops we are making T-shirts for any occasion. Our extraordinary layouts and printings will not only help you to reveal your personality but also you will be always noticed while wearing them. Also, we are making MUGS with you favorite photo or desired text. With just a little bit of imagination and our help you will amaze your friends and family with an personalized PHOTOGIFT or ENGRAVED item. Visit us and our pleasant service will make you come back again!


Ozo g. 25
Ozo g. 18
Ukmergės g. 369
Phone: +37067383738
Upės g. 9
Phone: +37060001546
Viršuliškių g. 40
Phone: +37067571399
Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49
Islandijos pl. 32
Phone: +37067031342
Savanorių pr. 346
Taikos pr. 141
Phone: +37067821544
Aido g. 8
Phone: +37067395514
Savitiškio g. 61
Phone: +37068386813

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