Estetinės odontologijos klinika “ProDentas”

20 - 100% discount for consultation

10-20% discount on oral hygiene

10-20% discount on teeth whitening

5-10% discount for sealing

Discount applies with:

In this clinic you can perform a comprehensive dental treatment and aesthetic teeth.
We also provide prosthetic implantation, oral surgery, periodontics, orthodontics, oral hygiene and professional teeth whitening services.
Our clinics operate two spacious offices of physicians, patients met cozy lounges. Equipped with a clean air supply and air conditioning systems. Clinic safe X-ray diagnostics. We use only the highest quality certified materials, the latest technologies. The clinics work with modern German dental equipment SIRONA. We cooperate with reliable, modern dental laboratory.


Jotvingių g. 13
Phone: +37037377778
Baltijos g. 42-57
Phone: 8 37 378379

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