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30% discount on tickets to park

Discount applies with:

We invite you all to myself on a visit to Bear creek valley, where, along with lively and actively spend time in nature! What surprised you? And do the trees from 2.5 to 15 m (safely) with 6 tracks of different complexity and barriers 4 eligible flights!

In order to overcome all the runs and obstacle course to thoroughly prepare you will need not only courage, but also endurance (no doubt a helping hand is always really friendly instructors Lokės feet).

So rather sit at home! Immediately grab the entire family and group of friends, and planes with me to the guests – the Welcome to WordPress!

Up or tracks!

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P.S. with ISIC and ITIC tickets to adventure park will cost only 12 Eur (instead of 17 Eur)!!! So you will save 5 Eur!!!


Lokėnėlių Vilage
Phone: +37069921144

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