Marceliukės klėtis

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Since old Times, Lithuanians are well know as people who are hospitable and joyfully expects their guests. Lithuanian cuisine restaurant Marceliukes Kletis cares, not only for the guests to eat and drink well, but also to have a great time during their visit. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you get surrounded by ancient folk atmosphere. Restaurant is full of all kind old stuff and expositions like implement, engines, household equipment.  On the first floor of the restaurant you can see an oldest wooden Lithuanian bicycle, old fashioned thresher. The little ones are welcome in the special room, where they can find wooden jungle gym – labyrinth and all kind of ancient folk toys.

For those who seek to realize some of their greatest childhood dreams and are looking for a unique way to recharge and relax, restaurant Marceliukės klėtis now offer some unbelievable terrace in the trees! Amazing dining experience: the restaurant seems to be organically wrapped around the tree and is able to host up to 30 guests at a time!

With ISIC you have -20% off on all dishes! P.S. discount on alcoholic beverages is not applied.

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