Šiaulių turizmo informacijos centras

First hour is free to rent a bike

Discount applies with:

Public office Siauliai Tourism Information Center is a nonprofit institution whose objects – to satisfy the public interest in public benefit activities.
The main center of activity is to collect, store, and tourists and visitors to the city of Siauliai provide information on tourism services, tourism services locations and objects, as well as dissemination of Siauliai.
We also sell:
– Tourist publications
– Postcards,
– Books,
– T-shirts,
– Souvenirs of Siauliai, Hill of Crosses, Lithuania merchandise
– Bus tickets
– Ferry tickets.

Other services include:
– Rent a bicycle
– Put up posters advertising Siauliai
– Guides the organization of courses
– 15 seats conference hall
– Advertising services in Siauliai TIC, the website and the information terminal (near Siauliai TIC).


Vilniaus 213
Phone: 8 41 523 110
E-mail: tic@siauliai.lt