Užupis drama theatre

33% off on tickets

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Young, energetic, creative. The Užupis Drama Theater, originating from Vilnius, the Republic of Užupis – artists’ Mecca, travels through Vilnius and Lithuania, carrying the idea of avant-garde art. Performances take place in different spaces suitable for the concept. Importantly, in the modern world, theater is based on fundamental values, remains loyal to them, and at the same time looks for new forms, engages with the viewer – inspires it.

With ISIC and ITIC card get -33% off on theatre tickets. To use the discount, choose a discounted ticket at any of the places of tickets’ distribution and provide the card at the entrance during the tickets’ check.

More at: http://www.uzupioteatras.lt/


S. Stanevičiaus g. 24

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