Vero Cafe

10% discount for coffee drinks

Discount applies with:

Vero Cafe quality coffee takeaway predecessor. The first coffee shop opened in 2007 with a mission to bring joy to people of good coffee. Currently, there are 19 cafes across Lithuania.

Coffee is a small but very important day delight! We have done everything to get people to enjoy high-quality coffee. That is why Vero Cafe coffee prepare only from this year’s crop of coffee beans. The cafe offers freshly roasted (no longer than 2 weeks) coffee, which The grind each cup individually.

Just as coffee can be special, but then reveals all the good properties of this drink, unique aroma and long-lasting aftertaste.



Ozo g. 18
Savanorių pr. 6B
Upės g. 9
Saltoniškių g. 9
Verkių g. 29
Pilies g. 6
Gedimino pr. 37
Gedimino pr. 27
Gedimino pr. 1
Phone: +37061855477
Jasinskio g. 16
Phone: +37061855471
Ozo g. 25
Phone: +37061855607
Gedimino pr. 16
Phone: +37061855066
Didžioji g. 30
Phone: +37061855913
Vytauto g. 53
Basanavičiaus g. 43
Bažnyčių g. 11A
Šv. Jokūbo g. 1-3
Tilžės g. 109
Aido g. 8
Phone: +37061855802
Vytauto pr. 24
Savanorių pr. 441B
Savanorių pr. 137
Vilniaus g. 23
Laisvės al. 86
Laisvės al. 45
Phone: +37061855401
Vilniaus g. 18
Phone: +37061855405
Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49
Phone: +37061855417
Laisvės al. 75
Phone: +37061855402
J. Basanavičiaus g. 49A
Taikos pr. 61
Phone: +37061855882
Tiltų g. 1
Phone: +37061855910

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