Water Inn

35% off on water trampolines during working days

20% off on water trampolines during weekends

20% off on wakeboards during working days

10% off on wakeboards during weekends

Discount applies with:

ISIC (Student card) ISIC (Scholar card)

Water Inn- biggest water entertainment park in the Baltic States. With your ISIC you can have fun here for the best price! Get up to -35% discount on your ticket.

Visit Water Inn anywhere in Lithuania. Places:

Vilnius Grand Resort Hotel (Ukmergės pl., 19 km, Ežeraičio g. 2, Vilnius).

We are open at 11 – 20h

Zaraso sala (Salos g. 4, Zarasai).

We are open at 11 – 20h

Lampėdžių tvenkinys (Gervių g. 14, Kaunas).

We are open at I-V 12 – 20h; VII-VII 10-20h.

Akmenos ežeras beach, Trakai

We are open at 12 – 20h.


Wake Inn parks of wakeboarding: 

Vilnius: Ežeraičių g. 2, Ežeraičių km., Avižienių sen., Vilniaus raj. We are open I-VII 10-22h.

Zarasai: Zaraso sala, Zarasai. We are open  I-V 12-20h.; VI-VII 10-21h.


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