ISIC App and Virtual ID

ISIC App - get the most from your ISIC card!

  • Discover thousands of ISIC discounts and offers worldwide;
  • Create your personal list of your favourites for easy future reference;
  • Verify your student status and redeem offers instantly with your virtual ISIC card;
  • Browse and filter discounts at the location of your choice and find them on the map;
  • Filter and sort offers by category;
  • Supports multiple languages.
ISIC App - get the most from your ISIC card!

Currently available in over 100 countries and Lithuania is one of them!

Download ISIC App for free:

Virtual ID – modern, fast, easy!

What do I need to know about the Virtual ID?

  • It is the exact copy of your physical ISIC card in your phone;
  • To use your virtual ID you will not need internet connection;
  • Virtual ID is a valid proof of your student/scholar status to use public transport discounts;
  • Virtual ID has enhanced security features;
  • Download the free ISIC App and start using your virtual ID now!
Virtual ID – modern, fast, easy!
Virtual ID – modern, fast, easy!

How to start using my Virtual ID?

  1. Download the ISIC App from Google Play or App Store;
  2. Sign in on the App entering your ISIC card number;
  3. Check the approval link in your e-mail;
  4. Browse thousands of discounts and use your virtual ID!


Frequently asked questions about the ISIC App

ISIC App DEMO version



  1. A green dot indicates the virtual card is valid and should be accepted as proof of identity
  2. A dynamic running time and date stamp: The part of the ISIC virtual ID that shows the current date and time
  3. Dynamic holographic overlay of ISIC globes on the card

Cardholders can swipe between the front and backside(s) of the ISIC virtual ID via left to right swipe gestures. This is in line with current design patterns and frees up space on the time stamp by removing the rotate icon. Indicators have been placed on the ISIC virtual ID to give a hint of the swipe gestures and the number of card sides available.

Right to use public transport discounts can be proved equally with physical ISIC card or Virtual ID, as the later is the exact copy of your ISIC card. Ministry of Education, Science and Sports declared that in order to prove eligibility for public transport discounts students/scholars can use any of the two. Document in Lithuanian language can be found here.