Public transport in Lithuania

Types of public transport

In Lithuania we have busses and trolleybuses (yes, yes, we don‘t have metro…). You are probably wondering what is difference between them? Actually, they only go on different routes, but you can use both of them and change from bus to trolleybus and vice versa to reach your destination.

Types of tickets for public transport:

  1. Paper ticket valid for one trip with one bus/trolleybus. You can buy this type of ticket from the driver. If you have ISIC, ask for student ticket and it will be -50% cheaper for you!* After buying a ticket don’t  forget to mark it, because else it will not be valid! To mark the ticket you have to find a plastic or metal box on the bus/trolleybus you’re in and put your ticket in it (it makes holes or prints real time). J
  2. e-Ticket is a good way to save money if you are a student. If you have ordered your ISIC card in Vilnius or Kaunas, your ISIC probably has integrated e-Ticket so you no longer need to buy one. If you are a foreign student in another city, we highly reccommend you to get the e-Ticket. You can buy it at Narvesen or Lietuvos spauda kiosks (most of them are located near public transport stations).

How to use e-Ticket?

Top it up! You can top up your e-Ticket with public transport tickets (valid for 1 day/10 days/30 days etc. or valid for 30/60 minutes) and (or) with certain sum of money at the same places you can buy e-Ticket.

Mark it!  Mark your e-Ticket at the yellow composter inside the bus/trolleybus. Simply touch the card to the pointed place on the composter and wait for the beep. If you have terminated ticket (1 day/ 1 month etc.) you have to mark it only once and it will be valid for the whole 1 day/ 1 month. To mark 30 or 60 minutes ticket touch the composter with your e-Ticket and choose the option on the screen, wait for the beep. Note that with any e-Ticket you can change your bus/trolleybus unlimited amount of times. If your ticket is on minutes, pay attention to the end of your ticket time; if time has ended, mark other ticket.

Check it! Any time while you are in the bus/trolleybus you can touch the composter with your e-Ticket to see if your ticket is still valid, how many time (minutes/days) you have left and etc. Also, note that any time conductor with bright yellow and dark blue clothes can ask to show your e-Ticket and, if you have a student discount, to show your document proving your student status. Have your ISIC with you!


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