What to visit in Lithuania with ISIC

Lithuania is a modern country with a vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes.  Moreover, forests cover 75% of the country and great efforts are being made to conserve Lithuania’s natural biodiversity and ecosystems. During a trip to this unique country numerous destinations are worth visiting, here are ‘must-have’ pop-in places in Lithuania where you can entertain yourself and use ISIC benefits.

How to get to your destination within Lithuania with ISIC?

While traveling in Lithuania choose the right means of transport. Here we will provide some nice offers to you, and do not forget that with your ISIC card it is possible to save tons of money.

  • Lithuanian Railways – Lietuvos geležinkeliai (50% on the tickets for traveling on Lithuanian railways with ISIC student card)
  • You can always go somewhere by bike and rent it in Klaipeda bike rental center DU RATAI (15% discount for bike and tourist equipment rent)
  • Public transport (discount up to 80% for public transport)
  • Bus. Go to www.autobusubilietai.lt and book your ticket. (For trips inside Lithuania with 50% discount)

What are ‘must-haves’ to visit in Lithuania?

  • You should start your sightseeing within Lithuania from the Old Town of Vilnius. This is a real historical center, where a special atmosphere of the past centuries performs itself from different perspectives. In the Old Town of Vilnius, the ancient architecture and all the monuments are almost completely preserved. Walking through the Gediminas’ Tower, the Town Hall, the Presidential Palace, and Gates of Dawn (Aušros Vartai), and make sure you’ve investigated Vilnius University. Its building occupies almost a district and are presented in four architectural styles at once: Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism.
  • The sights of Lithuania are full of amazing natural colors and real architectural masterpieces. This is how we can characterize the Trakai Castle, located 30 km from Vilnius and located nearby the small ancient town of Trakai. The island castle is represented in a Gothic style. A huge princely palace rises in the center. The main building is surrounded by powerful defensive walls and many towers.
  • Lithuania’s sights are capped by perhaps the most impressive part of the country – the old city of Kaunas. The old town of Kaunas includes a huge number of unusual architectural monuments. The beauty of the area is simply mesmerizing. If you want to see Kaunas from above, just go and visit Mount Aleksotas. The funicular, which will take you to the very top of the mountain for 0.50 euros, from where you will see Neman and Neris rivers, Kaunas castle, city bell towers and church spiers, as well as the Aliakalnis hill, from which you can see a wonderful view of the Old Town. Also, there is Kaunas castle, 2/3 of the castle is restored, but despite the “novelty”, the 13th century fortress makes an indelible impression.  These brown brick walls saw how the state was formed, how people changed, how the city was built … Kaunas Castle is not an ordinary boring museum, here you will find interactive entertainment, projections, original presentation of material, and besides, a beautiful view of the river and green lawns.  A large playground is open near the castle, and you can arrange a picnic with your friends on the neatly mowed lawn.
  • What else should you see and do in Lithuania? Of course, there is the Amber Museum in Palanga! This is a one-of-a-kind museum that vividly tells the story of the “sunstone.” After exploring the walls of this attraction, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant colors of a stone fairy tale.

Why should you take ISIC with you?

Travelling brings you to a world full of opportunities and with an ISIC card your trip will be even easier. Download the ISIC app to your smartphone, and do not miss any possibility to get plenty of benefits, services, and discounts during your stay in Lithuania.