Burger King

10% discount from all pricelist*

Discount applies with:

ISIC (Student card) ITIC (Teacher card) ISIC (Scholar card)

The King is here! Burger King restaurant will make sure that you never fell hunger and will deliver the most delicious, hottest, most fragrant burgers and other delicacies.

Get -10% discount in Burger King restaurants when providing ISIC and ITIC card in cashier desk to our service personnel before the payment.

* Discount applies for all regular price menu items, but do not apply for special offers.

In Burger King restaurants all over the world, the burgers are grilled on an open flame, which gives to burgers juicy and a unique smoky taste.

Burger King signature burger is Whopper® and it’s recipe has remained the same already for more than 60 years (was launched in 1957). Therefore, Burger King is called also Home of The Whopper.

For those, who prefer blant-based food or lighter alternative to beef burger, Burger King offers Plant-based Whopper, as well plant-based nuggets.

Burger King menu offers something tasty for everyone –  classic 100% beef burgers, fish and chicken burgers, halloumi burger, salads, ice-creams and coffee or different snacks – mozzarella sticks, spicy cheese snacks, chicken nuggets. In addaition to classic french fries, You can taste also sweet potatoe fries. Childrens favourites – kids meal King JR and Whopper Junior meal.

Burger King guests never leave thirsty, as we provide FREE soft drink refilling. So enjoy Coca-cola, Fanta or Sprite as much as You like, until the thirst is quenced!

Have it Your Way – customer could compile burgers based on their taste preferences – its possible to change and/ or add ingredients (eg. more tomatoes, more cheese, less cucumber, no onion, take out mustard, add jalapeno etc). So have Your burger in Burger King just exactly You like it the most.

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