Pool House

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Pool House – bursting with youthful energy billiard club . The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff will delve into the dizzying world of billiards and venturesome . It is not for nothing that this club has achieved the longest lasting pool game record for Lithuania !

Our club can be tested up to three types of pool : the American – Poole, an English – with Russian and snooker – the pyramid.

“Pool House ” delighted in the capital , and the student youth . They’ll discounts billiard games, billiard tournaments going on special and other arts renginiai.Švyturio dock – it is open and democratic, representative of Klaipeda town, an integral part of Klaipeda city ‘s image , such as the Strategic and Theater Square, physical and symbolic sign , tourist attraction center . This is a new space for all kinds of cultural activities and their operators : music, theater, film , dance , fashion , various genre festivals , conferences and educational activities , interdisciplinary projects.

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Žirmūnų g. 68A
Phone: +37065650014

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