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10% discount for simple acne (acne) laser treatment.

Discount applies with:

ISIC (Student card) ITIC (Teacher card) ISIC (Scholar card)

At the Sapiega aesthetic medicine and laser dermatology clinic, exceptional attention to the client is the greatest value. In Sapieha Clinic, with ISIC and ITIC certificates, even 10 percent is currently applied. discount for simple acne (acne) laser treatment, means the advanced diode laser “Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT” of German manufacturers. The heat radiated by the laser destroys the colonies of acne bacteria (has an antibacterial effect), inhibits the activity of sebaceous glands. In the case of inflammatory rashes, abscesses, the heat caused by laser rays disrupts microcirculation in the focus of inflammation, which reduces redness. In this way, the laser accelerates the healing of existing acne and reduces the formation of new inflammatory rashes. Before each consultation with the doctor, the treatment area is evaluated, future results and other important issues are discussed.

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