5% discount on a height-adjustable tables

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ISIC (Student card) ITIC (Teacher card) ISIC (Scholar card) – it’s height-adjustable tables store where you can get 5% discount on a height-adjustable tables.
Why use height-adjustable desks, refer
Currently in Lithuania and all around the world is rapidly gaining popularity of adjustable height desks usage at work and at home because of the many positive features for human health. People during the working day sitting too long but working by the height-adjustable table you can move (work seated and standing) and working actively.

Labor hygiene experts recommend:
50% of the time to work while sitting, standing 25%, 25% move.
Work posture change at least 2X per hour.
Stand briefly but often healthier than rare, but long.
Avoid standing for more than 20 minutes.
Use of standing meetings law because they last for a minimum of up to 50%.

Stay active throughout your working day.




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