15% discount for all repair works (discount does not apply to used parts).

Discount applies with:

ISIC (Student card) ITIC (Teacher card) ISIC (Scholar card)

Broken the glass screen of your favorite smart device? Fixas will help you out! Bring your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Samsung device and Fixas will preserve the original screen, if it is not damaged, and will return your device like it’s new. This service will preserve the original image quality and screen sensitivity. Plus, you’ll save money by not having to change the entire screen!

All work is performed using professional equipment, so you will get the guarantee for up to 12 months.

Fixas also performs other repairs, such as: replacement of screens, replacement of charging sockets, replacement of batteries, repair of motherboards, replacement of rear windows, replacement of cameras.

And if you need help maintaining your computer’s cooling system, speeding up your computer, replacing a drive, screen or keyboard, grab your ISIC card and hurry to Fixas.

With the code ISIC, a 10 % discount is given for all goods on the website


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