10% discount on goods

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ISIC (Student card) ITIC (Teacher card) ISIC (Scholar card) is a specialized online store of condoms and lubricants, which offers products of world-renowned brands.

Taking care of the attributes of safe and playful love will be easy, because

* FREE delivery without minimum delivery value;
* Confidentiality is ensured;
* You will receive the goods in neutral and safe packaging.

Choose from over 800 items! Original and high-quality Durex, SKYN, Pasante, EXS condoms and DUREX, pjur, Swiss Navy, Wet lubricants online at Look for special offers and discounts every month!

With an ISIC certificate, you get 10% off this store. discount on all goods. 
The discount is applied after entering the first 6 digits of the ISIC certificate in the discount code window.



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