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10% discount lasers for entertainment

10% discount for reball

100 pcs. extra balls airsoft

50 pcs. extra balls paintball game. Discounts can not be combined

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Paintball center was founded in 2006 and currently is one of the largest paintball clubs in Lithuania.
Paintball center offers organization of various parties, paintball, airsoft, reball, laser tag games. You can take a pleasure and fun by celebrating Your birthday, hen party (bachelorette / bachelor parties), spending great time with colleagues in corporate events and so on.
Games take place in: Visoriai playgrounds (outdoor in the forest, on the outskirts of Vilnius) and Naujininkai (indoor / outdoor), where You will find some different playing areas for lasers, paintball, airsoft, reball games.
Tasks can be various. Mostly played: elimination, flag seizure of a certain object, defense or attack.
Games continue from tens of seconds to several hours.
10% discount lasers for entertainment;
10% discount reball
100 pcs. extra balls airsoft;
50 pcs. extra balls paintball game. Discounts can not be combined.


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