Kino Pasaka

6 ,70 Eur for all movie tickets

Discount applies with:

ISIC (Student card) ITIC (Teacher card) ISIC (Scholar card)

TALE is proud to be the only movie theater in the old town of Vilnius. And not just anywhere, but a few famous streets – St. St. Ignatius. 4/3. If you’ve noticed there’s a restaurant in “La Boheme” will be easy to find. And now there is another new place – Paupio st. 26, near the “Paupio market”.

TALE convenient for those who are worried about where to park the car – in the evenings and weekends free nearby parking. The ability to take a few steps and find more nearby parking areas: the club WOO, near or below the home teachers, spacious parking lot. There is an underground parking lot in Paupys (entrance from Aukštaičiai St.). Parking in the underground parking lot is free up to  2 hours. , and after 1 hour – 1 EUR.

With ISIC card you can get a cinema tickets only for 6,70 Eur  (instead of 8,50 Eur)!!!


Phone: +37068348091


Šv. Ignoto g. 4/3
Phone: +37068348091
Paupio g. 26

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